Custom Kit

25.00 USD


Custom Kit:

- Make a ticket in the Discord to get your custom kit made!

Item Restrictions:

- No OP weapons/armor (Ex: Boss armor, admin weapons)

- No rare/event reward items (Ex: CS:GO weapons, Knight armor, Ruby Rose) 

- No GodlikePacks 

- No admin lockers

- No Bitminers (Or parts)

- General common sense if a weapon is broken or gives an unfair advantage it won't be allowed.


- One Primary

- One Secondary

- 4 Ammo for each weapon

- 4 MRE's

- 5 Bloodbag's

- 5 extra items of your choice (Limits apply for example 2 squid, 3 bottled wine, you may choose other non sellable items excluding your basic items and such)

- No armor/clothing above 30%+